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Problems with name servers

21-01-2010, 18:49
I created a virtual server and put my domain there. Is it enough? Should I put an IP or the domain name as the virtual server address in webmin? Or maybe the domain should be put in the default server configuration?
The secondary DNS server is already set up in the manager. Where in webmin could I check if the secondary is allowed to request zone transfers from the primary?

Thank you!

21-01-2010, 17:53
well, only setting the DNS servers for the domain won't make it work.

First, you must make sure that your server can resolve the domain. That normally requires configuration through webmin, plesk, or any control panel, of some bind6 command line configuration.

In more plain words, you have to add the domain to the server so that it can start resolving the domain name.

When this primary server is working properly, then you can activate the secondary DNS through the manager at:

OVH Manager >> your server >> Services >> Secondary DNS

this should start transfering the DNS zone from the primary in a couple of hours (make sure that the secondary, is allowed to request zone transfers from the primary - in Plesk and Cpanel is configured by default).

Hope this helps

21-01-2010, 17:40

Few days ago I bought a dedicated server. The domain of my website isn't registered in OVH. Following the guide provided by ovh and information found on this forum, I entered those server names: (I put my server number not xxxx, actually) and in the domain configuration. It's been about 7 days and the website isn't working properly yet. I contacted my domain registrar. I was told that the server names do not seem to be resolving my domain into an IP address. How could I fix this problem? Should something be changed through webmin or the manager? Or maybe something is wrong with the virtual server I created for my website? Please give me detailed explanations if possible because this is my first dedicated server and I'm not familiar with its configuration yet.

Thank you for reply in advance!