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MoM version 30 / SoAPI 1.9.1

24-01-2010, 23:52
Thanks for the new SOAP functions, Oles! You've been busy!
24-01-2010, 23:34

The dedicated section is completely locked up. It remains to predict the custom partitioning later.

At the same time, the 1.9.1 version of SoAPI just passed into production !

Feel free to give us a feedback on the functioning of this small MoM and the features you want and more in the MoM.

To download:
- MoM Windows :
- MoM Mac OSX :
- MoM Linux :
- SoAPI :

MoM Changelog:
- Reinstallation of the basic server (not with custom partitioning)
- Migration of RPS
- Management of modules for shared hosting
- Recreation of a database for shared hosting

SoAPI Changelog:
- Added dedicated method to list all distribution dedicatedInstallAllowedDistributionGet
- Added dedicated method to reinstall a server dedicatedInstallBasic
- Added dedicated method to get installation progress dedicatedInstallBasicProgress
- Updated telephony method telephonyCallList with new output parameter callingNumber to return the source calling for calls received

All the best,