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a little feedback

27-01-2010, 17:46
Quote Originally Posted by HandsomeChap
Add RAID 10 please :-]
I noticed that. 1+ for me.

27-01-2010, 11:38
Add RAID 10 please :-]

26-01-2010, 18:33
Your raid has no more enougth disks, removing it
An endearing accent, but incorrect!

26-01-2010, 18:23
working now but it has an immediately apparent table layout issue:
Raid 0 ( 1 elements, global capacity: 1024, fault tolerance: 0 elements)

disk 1 To (required)
spare disk
Duplicate this configuration in a raid1
remove this raid
The text "spare disk" overflows the element it is in so it is cropped to read "spare c" (the Iisk on the right is cropped)

This is on google chrome, ubuntu 32 bit (also verified on Firefox 3.5.7).

Will keep looking.

The session timeout is far too short - I only had a few minutes before the session ended.

Edit 2:
if you create a raid (called "raid 1"), then create a second raid (called "raid 2") and then delete "raid 1", "raid 2" is still called "raid 2" rather than changing the name to "raid 1" to show it is the first raid.

Creating a new raid after this will call the new raid "raid 2" so there are 2 "raid 2" raids rather than "raid 1, raid 2"

Edit 3:
As in Edit 2, if you create 2 or more raids and delete any apart from the last raid and create a new one the new name will be the same as the last raid.
Still looking for more issues. I hope I get paid for this

26-01-2010, 18:03
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26-01-2010, 18:02
iiiii iiii iii .... ... .. . . booOOOOoom !

Thanks for your 5 minutes and feedbacks!
26-01-2010, 17:42

To provide dedicated servers with the disk personalisation to the level of disk type, RAID, the makeup of RAID and the securities that go with it, we try different "customer point of view" approaches. Logical, physical ...

If you have 3 minutes to click, please give us your feedback in the 4th minute (not more than 5 minutes in total, it is just s trial) "not good", "good", "don't understand", "awesome", or answer a little longer to give us your thoughts on these needs.

A test:

5 minutes max, not more, thank you !

Thank you in advance (for the feedback on the mailing list or/and!

All the best,