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TB and the ratio of transit peering

28-01-2010, 11:13
Quote Originally Posted by yonatan
simple do what i do,
finish the eg quota, upgrade to mg
But that involves another set up cost, and a day or two of reconfiguring a new box for what could be a spontaneous burst of traffic due to a Slashdot effect for example.

I think people already in contracts should keep the current bandwidth price.

28-01-2010, 03:32
simple do what i do,
finish the eg quota, upgrade to mg

28-01-2010, 00:12
Quickly better buy a 12 month contract for bandwidth I don't currently need but hope to grow into :\

27-01-2010, 21:52
14.90 ex VAT / GT
What is GT ? Or should that be TB ?

27-01-2010, 21:17
I don't get it, we stayed within our limits so we're gonna get charged MORE if we cross them now?

27-01-2010, 20:46
prices are just gong to increase and increase and increase and increase. What did you expect?

27-01-2010, 17:48
So you're doubling bandwidth overage costs?
27-01-2010, 16:44

In terms of dedicated servers, you have a quota of TB / month.

We looked at the ratio of consumption of transit / peering
200 customers randomly, both those who do not consume
TB every month and those who consume and buy TB
see more buying several times a month.

We had a constant interest: all clients
remain in the quota compliance ratio transit / peering initially
expected while those exceeding the quota and buy the TB / month
unbalance ratio. Basically, these new customers came
OVH to benefit from the price of TB but does not respect the historic
ratio and the equilibrium price of the service. They consume more
our transit patrons. So OVH TB sells at a loss.

We will balance the cost of TB. February 1 the price will go
14.90/TB (ex VAT). Simply. It is hoped that the ratio will return
balance towards the end of February.