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Domain name news
29-01-2010, 17:20

Here are the updates regarding the domain names:

- .LU (Luxembourg)
liberalisation + IDN 13.99 +VAT/year
- .SN (Senegal)
available* 59.99 +VAT then the 2nd year 39.99 +vat/year
- .SE (Sweden)
available* 9.99 +VAT/year
- .ORG
Chinese IDN 4.99 +VAT then the 2nd year 5.99 +vat/year


Liberalisation + .LU IDN
From the 1st February 2010, the .lu will be available for everybody with no location restrictions. Also, you will be able to register .lu with special characters, or also called multi-lingual domain names (IDN Internationalized Domain Names).
The only special characters accepted are the ones used in French, German and Luxembourger - honest!.
The IDN domain names eligible between the 1st February 2010 to March 31st, 2010 can be obtained from an existing domain name by replacing a character with the same character. The existing domain name and the corresponding IDN must both be registered to the same owner (same name, same address). The change of an IDN ownership is impossible during the
Launch, which ends in March 31st.

You can start reserving your .LU from today as well as the liberalisation in IDN. The orders will be processed from the 1st February 2010. If it is not possible to create the domain name, you will be refunded in points.

To order:

.SN available
The Senegalese extension is available for any corporation from anywhere.

To register the .SN domain name, it must reflect the name, acronym or a product name (material or not). A copy of an official document is required when creating the domain:
- Registration certificate for a company;
- Registration certificate for a community or international brand name
- Certificate for an association.

The .SN is 59.99 for creation or transfer and 39.99 for renewal.

To order:

.SE available
This is the Swedish extension.

To register a .se domain name, you must provide the ID number of the owner:
- If you live in Sweden, the personal number or of the Swedish organisation number
- Otherwise, your VAT number or your identity number (ID card number, Registration number of the company or equivalent).
The .SE is available at 9.99 for the creation, renewal and transfer.

To order:

Chinese IDN .org
From the 23rd February, it will be possible to register domain names in .org with Chinese characters.

To order: