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30-01-2010, 11:16

This is what will be prodded this week...

RPS / SD / VM / Vrack / Housing / Network / Cloud / Distro / Manager
-------------------------------------------------- --
Distro Windows 2008 Core Patch available for order
Vrack Bugfix clean routers / switch configuration during recyling
Vrack R & D too much protection solution with VRF
Vrack Patch fixing all Vrack with VRF
Vrack Patch no spanning-tree vlan 1-4094
Patch added Vrack spanning tree filter switches
Patch Vrack correct security on switch
Shipping New CLOUD 500 VM
CLOUD Patch reinstall all hosts with SSD drives only
CLOUD Delivery of New 500 VM (1000 total)
EBAKCUP R & D test the image on prepared ebackup hosts
NETWORK Patch weathermap FEX

Domain / SSL / Email / Mutu
New IDN DOMAIN Chinese characters. ORG
New .sn domain into production.
New .is domain into production.
FIELD Patch Identification AFNIC
New IDN DOMAIN. Lu (sunrise) + opening of registration for
persons not domiciled in Luxembourg
EMAILS Patch Adding a mail-out additional cluster002/90plan pluch)
EMAILS Patch reinstall redhat mail-out to debian
EMAILS prepare Patch image install to the mail-out (install automation es)
HOSTING cluster014 SSD Upgrade Patch (start) - part2
HOSTING Bugfix Function SOAP for MoM
HOSTING Patch View emails sent via PHP / CGI / day on
7 days in the manager
HOSTING Patch New SQL Server Pro, Me and bdb
HOSTING PHP 5.2.12 Patch
HOSTING Patch replacement of some old servers with raid1

Telephony / Line SIP/FAX/Tel2Pay/SMS
FAX Patch Billing Fax
Patch Adding simultaneous SIP calls
SIP BC Patch Display

R & D LABS test an idea to find domain name trends
R & D LABS command of NAS drives
MOM Patch (MUTU) Geo-location for shared hosting
MOM Bugfix (MUTU) (+ patch boot / Reset area and adding a field
MOM Patch (MUTU) Monitoring of automated emails
MoM Patch ver 4.0a31
SOAP Patch ver 1.9.2
SOAP SOAP function Bugfix for MoM

MC-GS (aka Commercial-Marketing/Global-Solutions and the Emotional Cycle)
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

OVH.COM Patch change filers to SSD infrastructure.

.... what Prodi's plans next week:

New KIM***, the new brand and offerings

RPS / SD / VM / Vrack / Housing / Network / Cloud / Distro / Manager
-------------------------------------------------- --
DISTRO New Parallels SMB
DISTRO Bugfix Windows fix configIP script to correctly apply IP
on right interfaces based on mac
R & D DISTRO Windows script sql server 2008 Express installation
R & D DISTRO Windows installation script cal
DISTRO Bugfix recompile qemu for Windows and test vkvm w2008r2 on it
RPS R & D Start beta with new storage (SSD)
RPS R & D Prepare beta PSR-HA (between 2 data centers)
VM R & D waiting for bugs to be fixed if it is
Vrack R & D routing of a virtual data center in a VRF
Patch Vrack continue the changeover of the switches asa bang
Vrack R & D we can verify the grapher MRTG with a bang
NETWORK Patch switch on IPv6 & MPLS vss-1 / 2
MANAGER Patch improved application in the RIPE manager
MANAGER Patch new rates RIPE IP
MANAGER Patch limitation of IP / server (technical problem)
MANAGER Patch new rates for traffic + Contract consideration
MANAGER RTM Patch History
MANAGER Patch removal of a manager license in DirectAdmin
BUNKER R & D to launch the beta
CLOUD Patch vm get information on cpu / mem / network usage
CLOUD Patch reset / reinstall script / button
CLOUD R & D testing of storage

Domain / SSL / Email / Mutu
FIELD New Production start redemption. Pl
FIELD Patch robot trade. NU
FIELD Patch robot renew. LT
MARK R & D new homepage
SSL SSL improving standard Patch robot,
EMAILS R & D spam
HOSTING R & D with solaris install mysql5.4/5.5 for customers mysql0 bdb
HOSTING R & D see how we can mutualizes 1000 ruby customers
New command HOSTING solution zenmedia
HOSTING Patch Added shared hosting backup
HOSTING Patch Update Modules wordpress, drupal and spip
HOSTING R & D process failover backup
HOSTING Patch system disks in the spare filers
HOSTING Bugfix bug fix sql wide renewal

Telephony / Line SIP/FAX/Tel2Pay/SMS
PHONE R & D as wireless Cisco Provisioning
PHONE R & D FullHD Polycom TelePresence
SIP Patch Erasing lines / groups
New SIP change offers SIP <-> Plug and Phone
SMS Patch the factu SMS
FAX New R & D infra FAX
GENERAL New telephone rental (normally)
GENERAL Patch portability processing delay ARCEP

SOAP Patch New functions for MOM
MOM Patch (PRIVATE SQL) Backup / Restore / Import
MOM Patch (SQL PRIVATE) Managing logs
MOM Patch (PRIVATE SQL) Management alerts
MOM Patch (SQL PRIVATE) Management crons
OVH.BIZ R & D reloading dev for the final + iphone
LABS R & D spend in whatisup WEB
Ouma R & D to launch the beta of the mass

PCIDSS Patch Change for all internal badges
OVHMAG Exit Beta then validate
New TV New Bilboard

Things advance steadily.