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OVH Name servers

03-02-2010, 14:02
Thanks! the part I was missing was selecting "activate emails and redirections".... I was selecting a different option. Its there now.

03-02-2010, 10:30

Rilly, you should be able to add the domain with the following link:

If not, click on 'More Services' and 'Order a new domain or a domain transfer', just just go through the process and on the last page just select 'redirections'.

Then your new domain will be in there with the nameservers, that will most likely be and

02-02-2010, 19:47
Thanks Neil..
The domain isn't listed under DOMAINS though -only my other domain that I added awhile back.. (i used my other domain though, and saw the values listed there - hopefully thats the same? it was, and that I added to my domain registrar for the name servers).. My new domain will eventually appear under DOMAINS then right?

edit: this is very confusing.... so many different help pages and OVH Manager pages have different values to enter in my registrar for a domain server..

02-02-2010, 10:42
Hi Rilly

When you add the domain to the OVH Manager, then login, select the domain, then Domain & DNS and DNS Servers, where it will list both of them.

Then you can go to your Registrar and change the nameservers.

01-02-2010, 19:26
Thank you for quick reply..

I do prefer to use the OVH Name servers (one less thing for me to crash with my linux n00b mistakes.). When i ran a windows server, I didn't mind risking it heh

How do I know which DNSxx (11-16) to use? when i check my nameservers in the /etc/resolv.conf file its that is there.. but that IP isn't on the list that I see here?

01-02-2010, 16:48
If you want to use the domain on your own server, then I recommend you use your servers DNS.

But you could use OVH's DNS, it may not be DNS13, it will be between DNS11 and DNS16. Then just change the A Record in the OVH Manager to your servers IP.

But I recommend you use your server, and use Webmin, ISPconfig, cPanel to manage it..

01-02-2010, 16:37
ah - that explains why I see different values in different places...

I thought it seemed weird to use i guess that would be if I was running my own nameserver then..

so i want to use these then? (got them from online help)

01-02-2010, 11:32
Hi Rilly

If the Domain is registered outside of OVH and you want to point to your server then you do:

If you want to manage it in the OVH Manager, then you would need to add the domain to the OVH Manager and then change the nameservers to OVH.

31-01-2010, 23:10
I keep finding different answers everywhere.. so I'm confused

What should the current name servers be so that I can add a domain to my kimsufi server? This is a domain registered elsewhere, not at OVH.

Is it the following below correct? where xxxxx is the server ID

If yes - how long before it appears under Hosting --> Domains so that i can manage the DNS?

I did this about 18 months ago on my other server.. but I didn't do it like this - I had different values.