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Series FS on kimsufi

08-02-2010, 13:40
Pretty sure this is what all the UK customers said when you announced it.
08-02-2010, 13:32

After a few days of life, the server range 7.71W/To "becomes" the series FS in

The ecological message with "W / TB is too technical and therefore it is not understood. One can even say that it is not a seller.
What counts is the service, offer and value for money. This little test has allowed us to have some answers to discuss internally we could have had lately ... We can talk about ecology but in terms of concepts and values. With these messages it is too technical and too much technology. Normally saving environment is "more expensive" and sometime "worse" in performance. Since it is environmentally friendly. Otherwise everyone would do and it would that is normal but green.....

So we went back to basics and we forget the superfluous (knowing it continues to do daily that little redundant)



Dans kimsufi.general a été écrit:

A new type of server is born:

It is a species of server with the root and many distributions. This species offers lots of TB of storage This species will consume little energy

7.71 W / TB
(inclusive of data center)

That's less than a low-energy bulb / TB

OVH offers 3 kimfs:

FS-4T with 4TB of disks for £49.99 Ex. vat / month
FS-10T with 10TB of disk for £149.99 Ex. vat / month
FS-24T with 24TB of disk for £399.99 Ex. vat / month

This will be the first series of dedicated servers at OVH. The specialisation we are using here is the storage, backup and a longer duration of archives. The choice of component was done in accordance with the specifications.

Very quickly, you'll be able to choose the location Your kimFS among the 4 data centers has run by OVH and reduce the risk of data loss in case a plane crashes onto one of our datacentres....It could happen.

I invite you to visit the official website and read "The concept kimFS" which will explain everything behind the motivation
that led to this offer.