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MoM version 32 / SoAPI 1.9.3
08-02-2010, 20:14

We finished the last few features and fixed 2 bugs ...

Feel free to give us your feedback on the functionality of this small MoM
and the features you would like to see more of in the MoM.


To download:
- Windows MoM:
- MoM Mac OSX:
- MoM Linux:

MoM changelog:
- Backup / restore of SQL databases Private
- Import of external dumps on SQL Private
- Alert management of SQL Private
- Error Logs SQL Private
- Bugfix on monitoring of dedicated servers. It was impossible to
delete an email or a phone number
- Bugfix about the capabilities of SMS. An external SMS account
belonging to another NIC that connection was not usable

SOAP changelog:
- Updated telephony telephonyLineSwitchOldOfferPossibility with the new output method
for the price parameter, to return the price associated to the available offers
- Updated telephony telephonyLineSwitchOfferPossibility with new method
output price parameter to return the price associated to available offers
- Updated sqlprive method sqlpriveAlertSet with possibility to set SMS
and account number
- Updated sqlprive method now returns sqlpriveAlertInfo SMS info
- Added sqlprive method sqlpriveMysqlGetPossibleDump method to list possible
dumps to restore the database to an other.