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What has been going on with internal BW and outgoing BW on OVH network?

11-02-2010, 10:12
You might be talking about the effects of incident #3830, I'll look into that.

Could you provide the usual, alternate traceroutes to give us something to work with? Or email us with more information pls.

11-02-2010, 01:12
Well, i cannot really specify the absolute details, but knowing a few servers and stuff..for the past week or so speeds have been all over the place, Internal OVH-OVH 1Gbit on a day will hit 50-60MB/sec and then the next day it is 8MB/sec it is just not happening to me it is happening to a lot of users i know..

and its sporadic..I don't really care abt outgoing to internet but that has been bad i presume..most of my transfers are internal..and so why is there so many issues going on?

I keep asking is it bcz of the Roubaix upgrades that is going on details are placed..this is the 2nd time they are trying and they are not doing that well this time either..any updates wud be handful..

rest assured ever since that architecture change work started a week ago thins have just been all over the place