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Shared hosting: Some works tonight
12-02-2010, 00:44
Good morning,

With the patches in the shared filers:

we've reactivated the quota in the filers, but more
important, we've put in place the SSD cache disks on
ZFS and options like "dedupe" (the same data makes
a block (!!) not a file that is stored only once physically,
and thus, less space is taken and, even better, it's

Then the patches in the filers for email: for the
same reasons.

Tonight, we will update 80% of the SQL servers in OVH
for the shared hosting.
To know more:

This is a major facelift before the latest SQL Server with
the failover system from Linux to Solaris. Why? MySQL
is better optimized for Solaris and so quicker (normal,
it's the same company that offers both: Sun Microsystems).
Coupled with the local memcache, mysql-proxy and ZFS,
we'll offer you the performance but also the security with
backup accesible in SQL directly, and much more now
thanks to the power of ZFS, SSD and Dedupe.

In parallel, we work on an SQL service without limit of space,
number of request/sec and using claud, but this is another
matter.... I'm drifting away...