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MoM version 33

09-03-2010, 19:43
Thanks for the update fozle

09-03-2010, 13:28
The latest release of MoM will fix the sms issue and others, not sure if the 64bit issue will be addressed by the next release.

The next release is (I'm told) due out this week, and will include several fixes, some new features and *drum-roll* an auto-updater, yaay!

09-03-2010, 13:03
The latest version crashes when I try and view the SMS options.

All other features work fine as far as I can tell, just seems the SMS part.

Im using 64Bit Windows 7 here.

20-02-2010, 18:50
**** Update For Memebers So They Are All Aware ****

I have discovered that the above mentioned but seems to only effect 64 bit installs, any 32 bit install should work (atleast all the 1s I have tested did)....

Hope this helps.

19-02-2010, 17:29
Have just tried launching the Installer again through MOM, and the problem is still there.

It appears with all installations I have tried

16-02-2010, 22:19
haven't tried that, i will have a go later tonight and report back here for you.

16-02-2010, 17:24
Quote Originally Posted by YouWhat

Trying to reinstall Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard through MOM give above error
Hmmm, will look into that, did you get the same problem with any other OS's?

15-02-2010, 15:58

Trying to reinstall Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard through MOM give above error
15-02-2010, 01:24

What remains to be added ? That is a good question. Automatic updating of MoM ? What else ?

As there is not much feedback, we will pass the MoM into "stable" version ...

All the best,

To download:
- MoM Windows :
- MoM Mac OSX :
- MoM Linux :
- SoAPI :

MoM Changelog:

- Managing NS DNS fields NS added in zone management
- The search field now works on all columns, not only the first column
- The display mode selected by the user is now stored (in a non-persistent manner) for each listing
- The MoM tabs are now movable and have individual close icon
- The MoM tabs are now closable with the middle button of the mouse
- Bugfix on synchronising the state of current display mode that does not always correspond to the currently used mode
- Switch to LGPL
- Development of Qt in version 4.6.1
- Windows installer past in Unicode