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Ovh Mag
21-02-2010, 10:16

I forgot to mention that our BE + CH customers can register for free and receive the French version of OVH Mag.

More information:

For other countries where OVH is present, we will find a solution at one time or another ...

All the best,

20-02-2010, 18:08
Quote Originally Posted by myatu

20-02-2010, 15:26
In plain English "The OVH magazine will be out later than expected"... Soon™
20-02-2010, 10:58

We will take a little longer than expected to release the No. 1 OVH Mag.

Why ?

The idea of OVH Mag was initiated in 2008 with a small 3-page PDF that we suggested for download. There were 500-600 downloads at the time. And so we continued with this idea but on paper. That is a small newspaper on the web hosting of 30-40 pages for max. 1000 readers. Except that we have almost 15,000 registered readers! And this increases daily. At the same time we went about the game and noticed that it has something to say, probably because we did things and it works pretty well. And as we are totally passionate about what we do with the totally geek spirit, here we add the information, see the pictures, we rewrite the sentences to be more precise ... we can not give it No. 1 in the wild in alpha or beta. It's got to be the stable version because we feel that this thing of 132 pages (for now) will have a long lifetime (we already use it internally and we see that it works like that, " but if you said in the OVH Mag ... "" yes yes I said ").

In short, it takes a little more time to master ...

Then we would love to give this "Ovh Mag" in our subsidiaries, but we do not see how to do it. We must give it time ...

All the best,