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Wk 08 - 09
01-03-2010, 07:22

To be prodded this week...

RPS / SD / VM / Vrack / Housing / Network / Cloud / Distro / Manager
-------------------------------------------------- --
DISTRO Bugfix plesk9 license installation on win2008
SD Bugfix in addition monitoring of key / USB drives on new server
RPS Patch Patch filerz52 and add cache
RPS Patch Update infra storage RPS
The RPS Bugfix infra storage has won performance and generates too much
packets / sec on the network. The network must be switched on
specialized equipment in storage. In Attanda, hard
SSD has been removed from the storage infra.

Domain / SSL / Email / Mutu
FIELD Patch IDN. Name
EMAIL Patch failover system automatically emails to yahoo in case of deadlock
EMAIL Patch update the monitoring of mail servers
EMAIL Patch cleaning pool mailserver
HOSTING Patch update iptables rules on servers mutus
HOSTING Patch iptables sql5
HOSTING Patch added spinning mutu + spare
HOSTING maj Patch for management magic_quotes & register_globals in PHP 5.3
HOSTING Patch update server mysql4
HOSTING Patch Monitoring external connections from web servers

Telephony / Line SIP/FAX/Tel2Pay/SMS/TP (Telepresence) / 08/HardP (HardPhone)
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------
08 Patch Finish interco with Completel
New Patch infra FAX FAX
SIP Patch establishment of a Cirpack lab for R & D and dev
TP R & D Check the Polycom H264
HardP R & D as wireless Cisco Provisioning
New SMS Address Book and Mailing List Manager since

Patch SOAP functions are supportv3 and ticket

MC-GS (aka Marketing-Commercial/Global-Solutions the Emotional Cycle)
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------
SITE Patch

COMM New Performing Bilboard for BFM TV
Factua Patch trad new countries
Factua Patch gesture partial commercial
New Factua tracking interface payment MANDATE mayor
COMM Finalize New phone guides before printing
COMM New powerpoint presentation to show disabled OVH
COMM Patch press OVH 2010
Since R & D Organization Perche Concept Mixed
COMM Patch cards / set new subsidiary
Since R & D tool internal recruitment / database / lounge open

.... what Prodi's plans next week:


RPS / SD / VM / Vrack / Housing / Network / Cloud / Distro / Manager
-------------------------------------------------- --
MANAGER RTM Patch History
MANAGER Patch display if distro 32/64 bit on the summary page in manager
RPS Patch Change equipment for the network infra Storage
ASA New add supply ASA5520
SD New Exit Offer "hybrid"
Vrack R & D grapher MRTG to a vlan
Vrack New routing of a block in a RIPE virtual bay
Vrack Patch increase capacity and simplify Vrack security
NETWORK Patch establish a system to copy the conf
purification and update on the switches
even with large configurations
NETWORK Bugfix optimize ip load balancing, server load
NETWORK launch New bunker supply ip with 1 month free to test
http / https, SMTP/POP3/IMAP4, dns
NETWORK Patch Remove unnecessary telephony routers

Domain / SSL / Email / Mutu
EMAIL Patch resume all configurations prod each account
and verify its proper functioning
EMAIL Bugfix introduce a new service "answering"
EMAIL Patch pass ezmlm bases in SQL
EMAIL Patch add the "Spam" button in webmail (all)
EMAIL Patch add counters and graphs of numbers of emails
- Sent / email account via SMTP RELAY ns0
- Receipt / Account
- Forward /. Qmail
- Ezmlm / ml
- Number of consultation pop3/imap / hour / day / account
- GB / day / account
New EMAIL prepare the pans to remove the limit of 2GB email account
and move to version without limit "to the cloud"
EMAIL Patch SEPARATING webmail/pop3/imap/ssl0 on IP 3 and increase the SSL
EMAIL R & D Beta Test Mailout for clouds / dedicated
EMAIL Bugfix resettlement Servers ns0 and returned to the cluster
EMAIL Bugfix send bug correction from ns0 on local account does not exist
New command HOSTING solution zenmedia
HOSTING R & D for proxy frameworks
MANAGER R & D to define the new management structure

Telephony / Line SIP/FAX/Tel2Pay/SMS / / TP (Telepresence) / 08/HardP (HardPhone)
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
GENERAL Patch Launch last portabilite
GENERAL R & D Clearing lines / groups farms
GENERAL R & D Establishment Robot annuairise PagesJaunes
TP R & D to the test with "fiber" & Numericable
TP R & D install sip jabber server on dev server
to test h264 with ichat
TP R & D test h264 Full HD on PC
HardP R & D Provisioning Epigy

SOAP Patch Add missing features for the MOM
MOM Patch Exit the stable MoM with autoupdate
OVH.BIZ R & D Finish the static version of website
R & D LABS joust with the real-time graphs
R & D LABS interfacing for project management

MC-GS (aka Marketing-Commercial/Global-Solutions the Emotional Cycle)
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------
New WEB pages that are missing on the mutu
SITE New site pages SSL
SITE New site pages EMAIL
SITE New site pages FIELD

SUPPORT Patch satisfaction and response time of any exchange support / ticket
SUPPORT New launch support intervention and stop support incident
SUPPORT New start offering "support software"
Mirror New Patch

They advance slowly.