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The iSCSI RPS and Windows for 2.99 ex. VAT

09-05-2010, 22:55
what speeds are you getting and which RPS do you have?

08-05-2010, 01:23
Sounds promising, I'm looking forward to seeing further developement on the RPS and any speed increase on the iscsi would make all the difference!
05-03-2010, 22:32

4 weeks ago, SUN provided the ZFS patch that fixes a problem that we encountered on our storage infrastructure for the RPS. This problem has frozen all development in the RPS offers for 2 years. For 2 weeks, we've done lots of work on the RPS storage infrastructure. Patch, patch and patch ... The result? First, the performance improvement with the update of ZFS and adding cache disks. So we changed the network equipment to pass on the Nexus 2000/5000/7000. This allows packets to move more quickly across servers and storage to RPS thus reducing latency and therefore increasing the speed of storage. Tonight, all RPS are already in "Business" version of storage but this is just the beginning. We will shortly increase speeds even with some changes that we've implemented on the Cloud. For now, you can get the benefit of all this unpleasant work with 7-10MB/s drives.

In parallel to this, you now have the option to install Windows on the RPS. The price of the license on the RPS 1 and 2 is very much reduced: 2.99 ex. VAT / month or about -80% and 15 ex. VAT / month on other RPS. We have signed a special contract with Microsoft that allows us to offer you this very special license because the RPS 1 and 2 consumes <20W of electric power ... 1yr of work and exchange to launch this offer where OVH is the beta tester for such an approach on the market ... Roubaix Valley, may be a little more.

In short, we are going to restore the offer to minimum signable by OVH in terms of performance and the richness of the offer before changing the server "100% uptime guaranteed offers. We will shortly launch a few betas concerning 2-3 questions that we will pose and then we track the R&D to extract the concept of the server that always works ...

All the best,