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WK 09 - 10

08-03-2010, 10:50

We prodded the following this week...

RPS / SD / VM / Vrack / Housing / Network / Cloud / Distro / Manager
-------------------------------------------------- --
Distro Patch added Marvell driver solaris 10
MANAGER Patch display if distro 32/64 bit on the summary page in manager
VM Patch Virtual Mac on HG10G
RPS New Altigo with module 44 RPS/10U
Vrack Patch Update MACs when changing motherboard
DISTRO Patch VMWare Server (Centos 5)
RPS New windows available on the rps
SD New SP / EG / MG Hybid
CLOUD New create image for ubuntu cloud
RPS Patch move all multipool to monopool
RPS R & D to remove the speed limit on filers with cache
RPS bugfix filerbackup23 + reinstall the 20 new filerbackup on rbx1/rbx2
NETWORK NEW connect 1x10G RBX / PAR on rbx-203
NETWORK Patch Switch RPS storage on the network RBX-99/Nexus
and put out rbx-29 RBX-103 +

Domain / SSL / Email /Shared
HOSTING Patch Autoprotect fixed spinning mail
HOSTING Patch parse-lsi cache on filersz
HOSTING Patch Added filerz home / personal / business
HOSTING Patch upgrade the gw shared
HOSTING Patch system disks in the spare filers

EMAIL Bugfix resettlement Servers ns0 and returned to the cluster
EMAIL Bugfix send bug correction from ns0 on local account does not exist
EMAIL Bugfix snapshots on webmail
EMAIL Bugfix dovecot fix bug causing crashes
EMAIL Patch blacklisting monitor alerts on mail-out
HOSTING R & D create 100 same vm on linux-kvm with ruby installed on it
EMAIL Bugfix change the answering machine to avoid the loss of email
EMAIL Patch add the "Spam" button in webmail (all)
EMAIL Patch improve probes on the broken machines
EMAIL Patch improve monitoring of spin and services

Telephony / Line SIP/FAX/Tel2Pay/SMS/TP (Telepresence) / 08/HardP (HardPhone)
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------
GENERAL New Creation Robot for yellow pages
GENERAL Patch routing numbers
GENERAL Patch Launch last portability
SMS Patch Problems of accents and special characters (encoding)

OVH.BIZ New alpha test of the static site
SOAP Patch Update service functions for monitoring SOAP
LABS New RIA:Image> Adding piechart on Tool + XML data graphs
+ UTF8 input management
LABS New Project Management [PM] editing simple todos

Mirror New Patch (felix)
INTERNAL New Organisation crossing Valerie Lietard at OVH
INTERNAL R & D Organisation OVHnite March
Billing New moderation reimbursement
Billing Bugfix payment csv BE

.... what Prodi's plans next week:


RPS / SD / VM / Vrack / Housing / Network / Cloud / Distro / Manager
-------------------------------------------------- --
Distro New DISTRO voip / groupware Elastix
SD Patch profile support hybrid check
SD Patch integration bench more "talking" in the check
Vrack New routing of a block in a RIPE virtual bay
CLOUD Bugfix fix freebsd image to make it work in cloud environment
CLOUD New win2008r2 create web-cloud image for
CLOUD R & D create win2008r2 image-std + Exchange 2010 for cloud
CLOUD New create debian + java develop for image
CLOUD New create debian + ruby develop for image
ROUTING New connect 1x10G RBX / NDA on the RBX-203
ROUTING New connect 1x10G RBX / FRA on the RBX-203
ROUTING Patch put rbx-203 by the new VSS-3 freshly received
ROUTING New implement the brother of rbx-99
ROUTING Patch remove telephony p19-10

Domain / SSL / Email / Shared
Domain R & D manager V3/V4 Domain, fix existing, new archi
Domain New Production start redemption. Pl
Domain Patch purging operations problems
Domain Patch Email sunrise IDN. Lu
Domain New. Jobs
EMAIL Mailout New beta test for clouds / dedicated
EMAIL Patch resume all configurations prod each account
and verify it functioning properly
EMAIL Patch pass ezmlm bases in SQL
EMAIL Patch add counters and graphs for numbers of emails
- Sent / email account via SMTP RELAY ns0
- Receipt / Account
- Forward /. Qmail
- Ezmlm / ml
- Number of consultation pop3/imap / hour / day / account
- GB / day / account
EMAIL New prepare the pans to remove the limit of 2GB email account
and move to version without limit "to the cloud"
EMAIL Patch SEPARATING webmail/pop3/imap/ssl0 on IP 3 and increase the SSL
EMAIL R & D install Exchange Server 2010 Standard on pdc and post on sysadmin @
HOSTING R & D with mysql5.4/5.5 install solaris zfs with one hour snapshot
functionnality for customers mysql0 bdb
HOSTING R & D 50 beta testers on asp
HOSTING New order zenmedia solution
HOSTING R & D for proxy frameworks
HOSTING R & D process failover backup
HOSTING Patch Update modules coppermine, and dolibarr sugracrm
HOSTING New blocking access ftp / ssh into the manager
HOSTING Patch Replace 5 SQL servers that are not upgradeable

Telephony / Line SIP/FAX/Tel2Pay/SMS / / TP (Telepresence) / 08/HardP (HardPhone)
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
GENERAL Patch Erasing lines / groups farms
GENERAL Patch Phase 1 / 2 with PagesJaunes
GENERAL Patch Finalization of RMA
GENERAL Bugfix BC blocks in TODO
GENERAL New Interco Voice BT (UK)
GENERAL New location of phones

MOM Patch autoupgradable version

We are advancing slowly.

08-03-2010, 10:34
Ça a été prodé cette semaine et ...

Distro Patch ajout driver Marvell solaris 10
MANAGER Patch afficher si distro 32/64 bit sur la page de résumé dans manager
VM Patch Virtual Mac on HG10G
RPS New Altigo avec le module de 44 RPS/10U
VRACK Patch Mise à jour des MACs lors d'un changement de carte mère
DISTRO Patch VMWare Server (Centos 5)
RPS New windows disponible sur le rps
SD New SP/EG/MG Hybid
CLOUD New create ubuntu image for cloud
RPS Patch move all multipool to monopool
RPS R&D enlever les limitations de vitesse sur les filers avec du cache
RPS Bugfix reinstaller filerbackup23 + les 20 nouveaux filerbackup sur rbx1/rbx2
RESEAU New connecter 1x10G RBX/PAR sur le rbx-203
RESEAU Patch Basculer le stockage de RPS sur le reseau RBX-99/Nexus
et eteindre rbx-29 + rbx-103

HOSTING Patch Autoprotect fixe sur filer mail
HOSTING Patch parse-lsi cache sur les filersz
HOSTING Patch Ajout filerz start/perso/business
HOSTING Patch upgrader les gw mutu
HOSTING Patch système de disques de spare dans les filers

EMAIL Bugfix reinstallation des serveurs ns0 et remise dans le cluster
EMAIL Bugfix correction bug envoie depuis ns0 sur compte local inexistant
EMAIL Bugfix snapshots sur le webmail
EMAIL Bugfix correction bug sur dovecot provoquant des crashs
EMAIL Patch blacklisting monitor alerts on mail-out
HOSTING R&D create 100 same vm on linux-kvm with ruby installed on it
EMAIL Bugfix modification sur le repondeur pour eviter les pertes des emails
EMAIL Patch ajouter les boutons "spam" dans les webmail (tous)
EMAIL Patch améliorer les sondes sur les machines cassées
EMAIL Patch améliorer le monitoring de filer et des services

Téléphonie/Ligne SIP/FAX/Tel2Pay/SMS/TP(Telepresence)/08/HardP(HardPhone)
GENERAL New Mise en place Robot annuairiste PagesJaunes
GENERAL Patch Routage numéros
GENERAL Patch Lancement des derniere portabilites
SMS Patch Problèmes d'accents et caractères spéciaux (encodage)

OVH.BIZ New alpha test du site statique
SOAPI Patch mise à jour des fonctions de service monitoring pour SoAPI
LABS New RIA: image > ajout des piechart sur l'outil de graphiques + données XML
input + gestion UTF8
LABS New gestion de projets [PM] édition simple des todos

MIRROR Patch new (felix)
INTERNE New Organisation de passage de Valérie Lietard chez Ovh
INTERNE R&D Organisation OVHnite mars
FACTU New moderation remboursement
FACTU Bugfix payment BE csv

.... ce qu'on prévoit proder la semaine prochaine:


DISTRO New Distro voip/groupware Elastix
SD Patch support des profils hybrides dans le check
SD Patch intégration des benchs plus "parlants" dans le check
VRACK New routage d'un bloc RIPE dans une baie virtuelle
CLOUD Bugfix fix freebsd image to make it work in cloud environnement
CLOUD New create win2008r2-web image for cloud
CLOUD R&D create win2008r2-std image + Exchange 2010 for cloud
CLOUD New create debian + java for developper image
CLOUD New create debian + ruby for developper image
ROUTAGE New connecter 1x10G RBX/LDN sur le rbx-203
ROUTAGE New connecter 1x10G RBX/FRA sur le rbx-203
ROUTAGE Patch replacer rbx-203 par le nouveau vss-3 fraichement reçu
ROUTAGE New mettre en place le frere de rbx-99
ROUTAGE Patch enlever la telephonie de p19-10

DOMAINE R&D manager v3/v4 Domaine, correction existant, nouvelle archi
DOMAINE New Mise en production redemption .pl
DOMAINE Patch purge problèmes opérations
DOMAINE Patch Email sunrise IDN .lu
DOMAINE New .jobs
EMAIL New beta test mailouts pour clouds/dédiés
EMAIL Patch reprendre toutes les configurations de prod de chaque compte
et verifier son bon fonctionnement
EMAIL Patch passer les bases ezmlm dans les SQL
EMAIL Patch ajouter les compteurs et les graphes des nombres des emails
- envoyés /compte email via SMTP RELAY ns0
- reçu /compte
- forwardé /.qmail
- ezmlm /ml
- nombre de consultation pop3/imap /heure /jour /compte
- Go /jour /compte
EMAIL New preparer le terrin pour enlever la limite de 2Go compte email
et passer en version sans limite "à la cloud"
EMAIL Patch separer webmail/pop3/imap/ssl0 sur 3 IP et améliorer le SSL
EMAIL R&D install Exchange Server Standard 2010 on pdc and post on sysadmin@
HOSTING R&D install mysql5.4/5.5 with solaris on zfs with hour snapshot
functionnality for mysql0 bdb customers
HOSTING R&D 50 beta testers on asp
HOSTING New commande solution zenmedia
HOSTING R&D proxy for frameworks
HOSTING R&D procédure de basculement sur backup
HOSTING Patch Update modules coppermine, dolibarr and sugracrm
HOSTING New blocage de l'accès ftp/ssh dans le manager
HOSTING Patch Remplacer les 5 serveurs SQL qui ne sont pas upgradables

Téléphonie/Ligne SIP/FAX/Tel2Pay/SMS//TP(Telepresence)/08/HardP(HardPhone)
GENERAL Patch Effacement des lignes / groupes fermes
GENERAL Patch Phase 1/2 avec PagesJaunes
GENERAL Patch Finalisation des RMA
GENERAL Bugfix BC bloques en TODO
GENERAL New Interco Voix BT(UK)
GENERAL New location des téléphones

MOM Patch version autoupgradable

On avance tranquillement.