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OVH has been censored

10-03-2010, 19:26
Oh those naughty little mice but they are having fun

10-03-2010, 18:59
yeah looks like two male mice mounting the females, and one lucky male being mounted by the female :P

10-03-2010, 18:22
haha the mouses going at each other gave me a laugh!!
10-03-2010, 18:12

It is more geek between OVH and geek culture ...

Since the start of the year, OVH has sponsored a TV show BFM TV. It's "geek culture". To synchronize with the spirit of the geek, we created the "special geek" ads that appeal to the unconscious of the geek, his soul and his mind.

Here are the 6 ads and the last that was censored by BFM TV ... !

"We just had a refusal on the part of the broadcaster to spread your "Fork" ad scheduled from tomorrow. The creation is a little too "unconventional" to their taste and little understood in relation to the positioning of OVH and I'm really sorry. "

In short, it's nice to be called "geek culture" but we must undertake it. Either we are "geek" or we are not. And frankly ... !? The mind boggles!

Long live the net ! And long live the geeks !

All the best,