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Shared hosting: ASP for Microsoft in beta

18-03-2010, 11:41
Hello, Ovh has worked for a few months on the installation of computer programming languages of Microsoft in its offers mutualized. One speaks of course about .ASP with the SQL Server but also in one the 2nd time of l' .NET approaches. After internal alpha, it is time to pass to the bętas. If that interests you to validate our infrastructure on the level d' ASP and SQL Server, thank you to subscribe you on the mailing list via then of poster your " NIC handle" so qu' the logins/password are sent to you. The bętas are free. Once the bętas are validated and said " stable" we go the proder on l' mutualized lodging and you will be able to activate l' option " I want l' ASP/SQLs in addition to all that j' have déjŕ" … quite simply. In a friendly way Octave
18-03-2010, 11:02

Ovh has been working for several months on the implementation of
programming languages in Microsoft's offerings for
shared hosting. We are of course speaking about .ASP with SQL Server
but also for the 2nd time the approach for .NET.

After the internal alpha, it is now time to move to beta.
If you're interested in validating our infrastructure
levels of ASP and SQL Server, please subscribe to the
mailing list via
then post your "nic handle" so that we can send you
logins / password.

These betas are free.

Once the betas are validated and are found to be "stable" we
are going to Prod them on the shared hosting and you
will be able to activate the option "I want the ASP / SQLs
in addition to everything I have "... simple.