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Virtual Rack: Public IPs

26-03-2010, 00:17
Has anyone tried this one yet ?

25-03-2010, 23:37
You can assign public IPs to your virtual rack (which essentially is a VLAN). This should mean you don't have to deal with MAC addresses as long as that server is part of your VLAN (virtual rack). That's what I'm getting out of it at least

25-03-2010, 22:37
Could someone please explain this to me?
This still sounds like a French trying to speak English, even after the translation from Neil.

19-03-2010, 01:11
[ snip! ]
18-03-2010, 20:26

We continue to enrich the offers of the virtual racks which will bring about the ending the CPC provides: Private Cloud Computing.

Now you can add a public IP to your virtual rack. you can order virtual RIPE blocks (16, 32, 64, 128, 256 addresses) directly through the manager on the summary page of their virtual rack.

After payment of the purchase order, you must complete a small RIPE form to complete the process for alloctaing its
new block. A few minutes later, the routing of this block will be in place and route the entire block to its virtual rack.
Take and assign these addresses as you see fit. You can, for example, put a server in your rack LVS virtual rack
one of the IP's on the server that LVS will make the distribution of the load on your private IP.

Now we move towards the establishment of the firewall andload balancing with the public IP or private IP with or without NAT etc etc..

Please let me know of any problems!