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HG 2010-10G Reload and Hybrid

26-03-2010, 09:56

Something I just noticed was USB HD's are back! However, it's 29.99 setup. 8.99/month AND you have to have the 15/month professional option... *rolls eyes* What a rip off...

26-03-2010, 09:36
Hey, the "Personalize" page has disappeared (it's no longer on and the link from this post gives a 404). You do have a XXXL server though (36x 2TB SAS ), but without a 2nd nic, it's moot (so why can't you personalize that?)

19-03-2010, 00:45
Quote Originally Posted by Iray
If you run a busy video encoding site perhaps? Awesome power. But still waiting for April 1st..
lol haha sett up fees will never reduce here :P

18-03-2010, 23:11
If you run a busy video encoding site perhaps? Awesome power. But still waiting for April 1st..

18-03-2010, 22:50
Who would ever want a server that powerful?

38.4GHz Total CPU
24TB Total Space

18-03-2010, 22:38
96GB DDR3 ? Sick!
how can I have fun with that, I need to sell my car + my girl to get one of these.
18-03-2010, 22:10
Ovh is pleased to announce the end of the range HG 2010-10G reload, which have taken advantage of recent innovations at the time.

On 15 March, 4 days ago, Intel announced the new Intel 6 cores. The CPU is available in Dual Xeon on the line HG 2010-10G Reload. Or 12 cores and 24 threads in 1 server! Also from 299. Vat/month ...

We offer 3 options for the RAM, ie 24GB DDR3 ECC, 48GB and 96GB ECC DDR3 ECC DDR3. Next week we will offer the option 144GB and 196GB RAM ... !? Always for 299/ month ... Why so much RAM? Cloud Computing and Virtualization ...

The chassis of the exchange server can connect 12 drives with no increase in price for a monthly rental.
You should understood: it will always be 299 / month.

Finally the range of records you can add your Server "throughout its life" (c) (!) is now complete with hard SATA2 7200 rpm, 7200 rpm SAS 15000rpm/min SAS, SSD X-25M and X-25E SSD ... The discs and the installation costs (depending on the type of disc and
number of disks) will not be increasing in monthly cost.

If you need more than 12 discs, you can request to connect a shelf of 12 disks and still have 1 other. In total you can connect 36 drives together in a grouping named "Leclerc". 0 installation and 149 / month for each shelf. It must also map for LSI MegaRAID
and connect the shelfs in SAS.

The server is connected to the 10G network! And if you opt for "business use" for 49 month, your server will be powered by a dual power supply with 2 Electrical points connected on 2 separate electrical networks. You will also have new options, such as KVMoverIP, IP blocks, a firewall and also a 2nd 10G port that is connected to another switch port with the first port with 2x10G redundancy! Finally, you can activate Vrack (virtual rack) on the 1st or 2nd 10G (optional).

In short, the basic principle of HG 2010-10G reload does not change: whatever your hardware configuration (up to 12 discs)
Server costs 299E/ month and installation costs depends on the options you choose.

At the same time we will release a new server HG 2010-10G-12 Hybrid: 12 cores, 24 threads, 24GB RAM, SSD 2x80GB + 2x1TB
SAS for ... go ... 299/ month ...

For more information please visit:

Next week the control system will begin
ordering the HG 2010-10G reload which will be completely customisable.

How can this spec. of server be so cheap? Do not forget the installation costs are very significant when compared to other lines of servers. But they are 80% cheaper compared to buying a server with the same configuration (and you do not have to speak about
network, housing, energy, air conditioning or support Level 1 provided by OVH). But the main reason for the price Interestingly is that an OVH uses this server for our own internal needs. They are then bought in large quantities and its only fair you enjoy the savings that comes from our negotiations. The infra storage servers backups, server monitoring, servers monitoring, server virtualisation, server critical application, execution of your orders, payment processing, etc. operate on the line HG.
Why? The cost of failure is too great. We prefer that a server works once for good and then never hear talk of the server for years and this is where the problems can happen. That is, the market HG server. If anything, the HG is probably not expensive enough, but that's normal at OVH: we provide the servers at cost.

Have fun