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This claimed internal bandwidth bug - let's test it once and for all

24-03-2010, 10:37
This is now being addressed, so I'm closing this thread as we have quite enough of them about this issue already.

23-03-2010, 23:11
please dont kill ftpback14, im on it aswell......kidding, crack on sir

23-03-2010, 18:54
As of a few seconds ago I have this:

Bay :  	03D01
Number :  	18522
System (OS):  	ubuntu904-server_64
Bits :  	 64

Kernel :
Processor :  	x86_64
Root :  	/dev/sda1

 Bandwidth / Traffic 
Network Connection :  	100Mbps
Monthly traffic :  	3.00 TiB per month
Reinitialisation :  	2010-03-29
Consumed this month :  	149 GiB
Remaining this month :  	2.85 TiB
Additional traffic :  	0 TB

# of interfaces :  	3
IP :
IPv6 :  	2001:41D0:1:588e::/64
MAC :  	00:1C:C0:62:E1:CA
Reverse :
Switch :  	sw.5.245/37
You have 2 IP failover
I am currently uploading a bunch of stuff to my ftp backup which should give me a nice 95th percentile blip but it will all be OVH internal traffic.

We will see if tomorrow this registers as a sudden jump in the internal or external OVH traffic and hopefully put an end to this once and for all.

ftpback14 I apologise profusely for the thrashing you will be getting for a very short time.

Y'all come back tomorrow, ya hear?