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DSA for ssh / freeNX

26-03-2010, 02:54

I can get RSA key pairs to work with ssh without too much of a problem. I cannot however get DSA working which is required for freeNX if you want key pair security.

I generate a key pair with puttygen from my windows machine, place the pub key in the .ssh authorized_keys2 file and create an authorized_keys link to it.

I make sure authorized_keys2 had the 600 permissions and the .ssh folder has 700 permissions.

RSA key pairs work but DSA with freeNX just give a corrupt or key has passphrase.

Can someone confirm what the keys should look like the format of the Pub and Priv key files as the keys provided by puttygen for the RSA pairs needed changing to strip out some rubbing before they would work and I am wondering if the DSA keys are the same when generated from puttygen.

I also read a guide which mentions getting the freenx server to generate the key pairs but when issuing the command I get a 'this feature is not yet implemented' message (the guide was using an older version of freeNX so that seems very weird).