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Installing FFMPEG + PHP EXT on an RPS

08-05-2010, 00:43
I feel your pain, I tried to install FFMPEG a while back and getting all the codecs on the box was the killer, cheers for the info though, I'm glad I'm not alone.

07-04-2010, 08:55
Thanks guys,

I have tried endless tutorials, some successful, honestly the whole process of installing codecs, mplayer, flvtools, ffmpeg and ffmpeg-php is a right pain. Everything has to be installed in order and you may still encounter compile errors of all sorts.

In the end, I searched for a auto installer which compiles and install everything for you.

Yes, there are pros + cons and it may seem abit noobish but you will save hours if not days! So just for future reference, ill post some links in the thread.

FFMPEG AutoInstaller
http://scriptmantra.info/scripts/AAS...staller_5.0.6b (Best experience and recommended)

FFMPEG Guide and Tutorials (If you decide to 'do-it-yoursel')

Just to end, those at http://scriptmantra.info/ are awesome, they will install ffmpeg and and a addtional codecs. They charge $15 which is a steal imo. However you can always go ahead and install the autoscript yourself.

I am surpised there is little mention of them on forums etc.

26-03-2010, 12:19
Have a look at this particular blog, which explains how to compile ffmpeg from scratch on Centos/RH. http://thenitai.com/2009/02/24/insta...-successfully/ (pay attention to some of the comments).

26-03-2010, 11:06
Usually i compile from source ( download from the svn ), that would get you the latest and greatest versions running.

for removing, you will have to check out the options on the software vendors webpage / mailing lists, honestly never had to remove these myself :-)
maybe someone else here knows for a fact how to remove them.

26-03-2010, 10:39
I have a project which I will be starting on soon. I basically need to generate a bunch of jpg's from video files within PHP.

I know I can do this using FFMPEG, But I am pulling my hair out just trying to install it!
I have refrained from using DAAG RPMs this time since I need the most recent version of FFMPEG, The ones on DAAG are like 4 years old.

- I'd like to know if there is an alternative to DAAG's repository, with more recent RPM's.
- The other alternative is using SVN.. However I to have the packages removable. e.g. yum remove ffmpeg.. and adding and removing codecs is a headache.