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Web hosting shared servers

30-03-2010, 17:48

Thank you for your interest, our hosting servers are in clusters see and your content is then stored on a storage server within this cluster. Update most of the filers are Xeon CPU X5355 2.66GHz with SCSI Hard Drives. Unfortunately we do not support APC or Memcached, only Ioncube and Zend Optimizer.

30-03-2010, 17:05
Hello! I am interested in buying shared hosting packet at OVH. @

I would like to know which servers are used, clusters or what, how many RAM, which CPUs, etc? And is there support for APC and Memcached in PHP? Thanks.

P.S. If you have any sites running on ovh's web hosting (shared servers, not dedicated!), tell me how satisfied are you, what's the loading speed of your pages, etc. THANKS!