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OVH can we give you money?

03-04-2010, 17:38
I use them to purchase and renew domain names

03-04-2010, 17:33
I have been doing the maths on these points and its like they are worthless.

i spend 54.98 (exc. vat) a month
i would get 54 points a month

to pay for 1 months lot of servers using points i would need to use the same servers for 102 months or 8.5 years.
54.98 = 5498 points
5498 / 54 = 102 
102 / 12 = 8.5

03-04-2010, 16:52
If you place an order where the cost before VAT (eg 19.99) is less than or equal to the amount of points you have to spend (1999 or more in my example) the option to pay by loyalty points comes up on the payment page.

Everyone has activated their loyalty points, right??

03-04-2010, 16:44
How do you actually use the points? I've never been able to spot where to spend them...

03-04-2010, 14:59
I hadn't paid attention to that, but it does make sense. So simplest would be to round the price up to the next whole value before calculating the points earned. Pennies add up quick - just ask a bank

03-04-2010, 14:01
A point you buy is worth a penny and you need to pay VAT, so 2000 points (20) would cost you 23.50.

A point you earn is a point per pound + VAT spent, so you do not need to pay VAT on that.

03-04-2010, 13:24
what is the actual value of these point btw? is it 1 point = 1 pence?

03-04-2010, 12:42
I understand and am aware of that, but to renew a server costing 19.99 + VAT (23.49 in total) I would have to spend 23.49 and get 19 bonus points.

I want to add a penny and get 20 bonus points.

I suppose I could buy 2350 points and then renew the server with points leaving me with the bonus point but it seems like a silly hoop to jump through to save a penny. If the invoice page had a field for rounding up to the nearest pound it would possibly attract some usage.

03-04-2010, 12:26
You can buy points instead of paying for the servers , then renew with points.
so you actually can put in as much as you like.

( you get points for buying points even ).

but if you renew a server with points - you don't get points for that ( duh .. as it paid by points )

got the point?

03-04-2010, 12:13
That should have got your attention


When we come to renew we get Loyalty Points for any payments made.

A lot of the amounts are x.99, where we get x points and are one penny short of (x+1) points.

Can you give us a way of (optionally) overpaying by a penny and therefore getting the extra loyalty point?

I know this sounds rather mean/pennypinching/tightfisted but hey - a penny saved is a penny earned.

We the customers are not losing out and you the business get 1 penny extra per invoice, or on an invoice for multiple servers 1 penny extra per item on the invoice.

As any businessperson will tell you - a penny here and there extra in the bank will soon add up.