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.uk Domain Renewal

12-04-2010, 11:00
Can you email us the domains in question, I'd like to have a look.

10-04-2010, 21:14
Yeh, I understand that it should be 2.50 per year so 5 plus vat, but a few of them refuse to renew for less than 5.49. I know its only 49p but its the principle

10-04-2010, 21:12
It is listed as price per year, has a minimum reg. of 2 years.

Not sure about the 5.49 excl VAT though, just went through the steps and it was 5.00 excl vat.

10-04-2010, 20:26

Can anyone explain why my .uk domain is showing at 5.49 + vat (2 years) to renew when the advertised price is 2.50 per year. This only happens on a few of my domains.

Kind Regards