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VoIP new terminal

14-04-2010, 14:13
Recently, OVH proposes new devices for delivering
voice service in your office. We also begin
to offer accessories.

- If you need a E1, this case should complete
the online outlet SIP E1 (31 and 31 calls simulation numbers). fr/produits/telep...serelle_e1.xml

- A number WIFI, it can take the phone
itself and use it anywhere there's WiFi. This is not a
mobile, but it works not bad.

- From CPL aka network on power. If you
need to have phones in different
offices, rather than through cables rj45 everywhere
make Wi-Fi you can bring the network via the current

We will soon add wireless terminals and helmets for
the ST2030. It also works on fax services-mailing
you ask us to put in place.

14-04-2010, 13:46

Recently, OVH proposes to issue new terminals for
voice services in your office. We will also begin
to propose some accessories.

- If you need an E1, this box allows you to end/finish the SIP line on an EI plug (31 simultaneous calls and 31 numbers)

- A WIFI number allows you to take your phone with you and to use it anywhere you can get WIFI.
This is not a mobile but it works quite well.

- PLC (Power Line Communication). If you need to install telephones in different offices, instead of using RJ45 cables everywhere or using WIFI, you can bring the network via the power supply

We will soon add wireless terminals and headsets
the ST2030. We are still working on fax services and mailing
which you ask us to put in place.