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Release 2 Patch 2 19 Clamd
16-04-2010, 19:36

On the ready-to-use distribution "Release 2" that OVH offers we have now integrated anti-virus program clamd. There is a big security breach on the version of Clamd installed (0.94) and that the Clamd developers have decided to fail Clamd when updating virus signature database. The process is very strange, it can be justified, but also not very serious to update the release with a security bug.

In any case, all not updated distributions "Release 2" were broken down and stopped receiving email from 2 AM.

We have prepared (a little too late) the patch that fixes the problem.

If you use distribution "Release 2" just run this script that updates the distribution.

# wget -O; sh

We will make further checks on the ready to use distributions that we are proposing to update the version of apps without breaking the distribution by using a too recent version and therefore incompatible with what is installed on the server and therefore operational.

Sorry for the late update.