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How to post on the forum?

12-02-2008, 10:49

forum.ovh.co.uk has been set-up so that you may exchange your problems and solutions in relation to the offers you have at OVH, in a friendly and polite way. Its advantage over customersupport@ovh.co.uk is that the description of the solution can be rephrased by different members of the forum and therefore be understood more easily. You may also get several solutions to any problem that you are encountering.

When describing your problem, try and be as specific as you can. Copy and paste the error messages. Do not replace information with xxxxx. Try and give the URL that is not working.

Remember that you may already find many solutions in http://help.ovh.co.uk and If you have any doubts about the guides, do not hesitate to ask your questions here. You can use the search engine to look for the guides via the URL. For example: http://help.ovh.co.uk/emailconfiguration or http://help.ovh.co.uk/DomainTransfer or http://help.ovh.co.uk/SshOnDedicated.

If you have installed a script, a forum, or you have found a solution to a problem that you encountered, do not hesitate to make a description of the problem and the solution in the How-To.

Happy reading