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shared hosting - how many domains?

03-05-2010, 21:37
Quote Originally Posted by elvis1
Many thanks, that cleared things in a vast way

I think i will be going the RPS route though
Bear in mind you may be able to use SQLite rather than MySQL for your SQL application.

And if you do that, the disk space is on the web server, rather than on the MySQL server.

01-05-2010, 21:35
Many thanks, that cleared things in a vast way

I think i will be going the RPS route though

30-04-2010, 10:34
yes, you need a hosting package, because you only can access the Private SQL through the webhosting package.

Once you've got your webhosting package, you can order the Private SQL. With the Private SQL interface in your manager, you'll have the access details to set in your PHP code.

Apart from this, the OVH manager allows you to configure several server features for the Private SQL

29-04-2010, 21:42
Dumb question here:
to get this functional we also need a hosting suite like Personal, Pro, etc, right? If so how can we link both of them ? Domains and so on? Does the manager cover that?


28-04-2010, 12:44
Yes you can have a Private SQL:

As you can see the price is dictated by the RAM size you need.

28-04-2010, 12:27
thanks for the reply.

i checked the plans and i have one last question.

i have a huge database around 5 GB, but the traffic is among the range of smallest shared hosting.

can i have a mixed plan?

of shared hosting and private unlimited sql?

will this work perfectly for me? what about speed delay due for sql requests?

27-04-2010, 09:33
Hi tdsii,

You will have to choose a domain when ordering the hosting, if you have a domain name you're going to transfer anyway you may as well enter that one, on a following page you'll be asked if you want to transfer it.

26-04-2010, 18:52

i don't need a domain, i want to transfer my current but i can see, it don't deduct anything since the domain is free.

anyway, if i choose a domain, can i add another domain later?

like having an addon domain name.

is this possible? or it is strictly limited to 1 domain?