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Unwanted Cloud Server(s)

08-05-2010, 01:55
We can actually resell unneeded servers here (all OVH of course)?

I have an SP BestOF without set up fee going in the next few days for 73.75 (incl. VAT). Contact:

06-05-2010, 18:51
I did see that thread but it said "Claude Computing" and it didnt click

06-05-2010, 18:50
Thanks mate, I did post somewhere else but it got moved (my bad), but yeah I'll try posting it in the thread you mentioned, thank you

06-05-2010, 18:27
Maybe post the offer in the cloud test thread too...

Might get a response there.

06-05-2010, 14:06
Just to clarify I have:

1x cloud server = bo10942-cloud0

1x virtual server =


05-05-2010, 20:19
Hi all,
I signed up to do some testing on a cloud box and I no longer need it, I contacted tech support and they stated the following when I asked about how to remove it from the manager....

"You do not need to remove those free services from your manager after having reinstalled them. You can simply designate a new contact for those latters and they will be removed from your administration interface. You can post on the forum or cloud mailing list and look for someone who is interested in getting them."

Anyone want it? Drop me a message if your interested, I've got a couple of servers, cant remember spec or anything, just want rid of them as simply dont use them.