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Enabling UFW on RPS

16-05-2010, 01:12
Oh! I'm sorry if I gave the impression that I am staff of some sorts, but I am not (Marks, Neil, fozle and Sofie are, along with others who have "OVH UK Team" directly under their names [not anywhere else]). Since I can't do much with your server name, I've removed it from the PM just in case.

It's probably better to send an e-mail or give OVH a ring on Monday. You can find the contact details here:

15-05-2010, 04:02
There is still the fact of UFW being off again on reboot, which indicates a crash..

The only port used is port 22 for the SSH connection. I allow it before enabling the firewall.

I PM'd you the name of the server. Thanks.

12-05-2010, 14:11
Quote Originally Posted by cLkvdu
If i try to reconnect after enabling UFW, it times out, it does not give me a "port closed" error.
To prevent DoS attacks, iptables-based firewalls (like UFW) generally do not send a "closed port" message back but silently drop a connection request. Hence you're not likely to receive a "port close" error but a timeout.

Make sure you are allowing TCP incoming and outgoing traffic on port 3260 (for iSCSI), and incoming traffic on TCP port 22 (for SSH). Better yet, use "netstat -tuln | more" to look at open ports.

12-05-2010, 10:27
Without having checking the same server, we won't be able to add much useful information to your problem. So, tell us the server address here or by email.

12-05-2010, 01:18
Hmm. I will have to disagree. I run several other Ubuntu servers that are not on OVH and configuring them works fine. I am not installing anything, Im just enabling it.

Also, UFW is disabled after a reboot. If it enabled fine, and was just kicking me out, it would stay enabled on reboot. If i try to reconnect after enabling UFW, it times out, it does not give me a "port closed" error. Both these things lead me to believe the server is in fact crashing..

I PMd you the server details, thanks.

11-05-2010, 11:08
Well, all makes me think that you kicking yourself out of the server. There is no limitation on the software you can run, so I can tell that there is no problem on installing that.

Another thing is that you should configure your Firewall with our monitoring tools. For that, configure the Firewall with the following parametres:

If you want me to check more your particular case, give me your server name or nichandle (here or by email) and I'll get back to you.

11-05-2010, 01:48
Hi, I have two Ubuntu 8.04(?) RPS from OVH, and the same problem on both.

When i try to enable UFW, the connection to the server dies, and it must be rebooted. On reboot, access works fine, but UFW is still disabled.

No, I am not locking myself out with rules, I add the rules before I enable UFW.

Any ideas?