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Entire OVH system ****ed up since last night

17-05-2010, 18:53
Quote Originally Posted by mmgRay
Then why was the other Ip available in service monitoring and isn't anymore?
Because the whole server status has had an update with the new RTM, you should not be able to monitor since it is the IP of the RPS, and if you migrated then you not be monitoring the right IP address.

You should monitor which is the IP you would keep even if you migrated.

16-05-2010, 16:56
Then why was the other Ip available in service monitoring and isn't anymore?

14-05-2010, 17:56
+1 to Neil

Sometimes people complain for no reason what so ever or as in most cases they lack the intelligence to understand what they are actually complaining about.


14-05-2010, 03:09
lmao - feel the burn.

one cookie to Neil :P

13-05-2010, 23:05
You should see the messages he sent to OVH, I'm surprised they're even keeping us on as customers. ;D
Hmm interesting.

Now im intrigued

13-05-2010, 22:16
SSH port isn't closed its just blocked for unwelcome guests. All services except our webserver is left online, which isn't our doing so I think i have every right to complain especially since we pay for the server, don't you think?

Since the filer has been giving us SO many problems, it seems more than logical the first thing I would suspect would be it being gone to shambles again..

The reason posted this, maybe as rant, but also as a way to even get anyones attention to address the problems as last time I submitted a ticket I had to wait 4 days while I was better off reinstalling the entire box (which I did after 2 days of waiting).

13-05-2010, 21:11
Thanks for reporting your post as spam it was a good job I read it first as I almost deleted it! But since you have done it before I have now remebered, although in the future if you have time then maybe just send is an email it would make far more sense

Your main IP is still in the OVH Manager which is the /, the is your RPS's address (this is also displayed in the OVH Manager for reference), you should use the The idea is if you migrate RPSs you keep the /, although the way you complain about us - I doubt it will ever happen

The reason being down is here

I see your SSH Port is closed, but your server is online and ping and so is your website, but don't blame the SCSI / Filer like you always do, I have enclosed to show you that it is not the problem,

Looking at your Real Time Monitoring I think the problem is with a script or the visitors to your website, your server load is 3.68 2.68 2.58 - which is high for a small RPS 1.

And thanks for the postieve feedback on your website we really value it,

13-05-2010, 16:31
Just thought i'd report this. Once again OVH is being a ****, the standard IP is gone in the manager leaving you only with a failover IP. Service monitoring has been wiped. is totally bugged not even able to connect. Something to do with flyspray or something? Oh and you can no longer connect to your server via SSH or any other service as it will just give you a 'server has unexpectedly closed connection'

"Flyspray was unable to connect to the database. Check your settings in flyspray.conf.php" -Travaux