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automaticly move downloaded files

18-05-2010, 02:38
Im an *****, i hadnt thought of that.

Cheers very much razakel

oh, id iot is a naughty word apparantly haha

18-05-2010, 02:20
Not automatically that I know of, but what's wrong with:
mv *.jpg /home/jon/images
mv *.png /home/jon/images

I mean, you could set it as a cron job. :P

18-05-2010, 02:04
Quick question, im currently using fedora 12, i just want to know, is there a way to automaticly move files as they are downloaded from one folder to another, for example, if say i was downloading a bunch of images, is there a way to save them as normal so they go to /home/jon/downloads but then get moved to /home/jon/images. But only move files that end in .jpg or .png??

I hope iv made myself clear on what i want to do.

Any suggestions?

Thanks very much