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Colo/Housing 1Gbps default and 10Gbps...

01-06-2010, 20:12
OVH say you need someone who can speak fluent french with you at all times, and if you have any server problems (need a technician) then when you call them, you must be able to speak fluent french to the engineer (who calls you back in 30mins from the rack).

OVH couldn't have done anything more to stop us from colocating... well, the amps you give on a rack is laughable, couldn't power my fridge with it.

01-06-2010, 19:58
and in Roubaix I don't think you have the horrors which you have in Paris!

jammed streets and such...

from what I saw on the map, is that the datacentres are located in the heart of paris (or allmost in the heart but in urban terain).

01-06-2010, 19:52
Oud Enschede'er hiero... Still pretty quick actually, I thought it took a bit longer than that. Well, that would make Roubaix even more attractive then...

01-06-2010, 19:42
Nope Veenendaal (between Utrecht and Ede at the A12 motorway)

01-06-2010, 19:36
2 3/4 hours? Rotjeknor?

01-06-2010, 18:45
it is 4 3/4 hours for me to drive to paris
it is 2 3/4 hours to drive to roubaix
so yes, for belgians and dutch it is also better (plus: we don't need to pay the toll on the motorway)

From what I know, only the elders in Lille (Rijsel in dutch) can speak dutch, the younger generation speaks french.

edit: Octave dont speak dutch anyway, on the dutch forum his posts are french!

01-06-2010, 18:33
Roubaix Colo would be better for UK folks, if you're going to keep DCs in France only (probably best, to keep transit costs low). You're in Calais in a blink of an eye and it's just a short drive to Roubaix from there. Same for Belgians/Dutch (heck, it's 10 minutes from the Belgian border - do they speak Flemmish at Roubiax, btw? I could do that...)

01-06-2010, 18:24
Well I am dutch, but I like to give my opinion about it.

The Eurostar or plane is in my opinion not a good way to transport servers (Eurostar is better than by air).
maybe the Shuttle train is better, because you don't need to show the servers to the public, and they are not damaged by workers on the airport.
and servers are heavy (5 KG each) so you can only take 2 or less with you because of the 20 KG per person limit, by airplane.

What the plus is about colocation is, that you use your own computers
here by, if OVH goed bankrupt (not that that happen), you don't lose it,
you can recover all your data, and house your computers somewhere else.

01-06-2010, 16:04
Any ones else have ideas or requirements about collocation? At the moment, as Neil said, collocation is available to UK customers that can to afford to go to Paris and get support in French.

But, is there other possibilities you would be interested in? You guys know that the creation/development of our products/services goes many times alongside the request of our customers (as it happened with VRack and cloud).

So, we're always happy to hear from you if you want to tell us your views.

e.g.: UK collocation, where; sending the server and install it there by our engineers is a good point, bandwidths allocations, traffic, .... anything you may find insteresting.

31-05-2010, 20:41
Quote Originally Posted by gregoryfenton
make it a booze cruise - take the server in a suitcase on the ferry and fill the suitcase with duty free on the way back.

I suggest buying a couple of stellas for the ovh lads - maybe you'll get a guided tour out of it :d
+1 :d

31-05-2010, 19:32
Make it a booze cruise - take the server in a suitcase on the ferry and fill the suitcase with duty free on the way back.

I suggest buying a couple of Stellas for the OVH lads - maybe you'll get a guided tour out of it

31-05-2010, 19:18
Yeah but you did say that is not recommended for people who cannot speak French; which unfortunately I am not fluent at only very basic.

I am sure that people are more than happy to pay to have you rack it and obviously your staff are more than competent to do it!

Flying with servers will cost an arm and a leg and the handlers are not known to have the softest touch!

31-05-2010, 14:22
Colo is offered to all OVH Customers, I understand that it may not be ideal that you have to be present at the datacentre to rack them up, but Paris is not as far as the US and we are looking into offering this service.

Although with Eurostar/Cheap Airlines offering tickets well under 100 it may still be economical for UK customers to visit Paris.

31-05-2010, 12:58
How about offering colo for UK customers! Surely we should be able to ship our servers to the colo facility and PAY for the staff to install them for us? Pretty much every US datacenter offers this allowing anyone to colocate with them because they do not have to travel to the area to install it. Then when the customer decides he has had enough simply pays for the shipping back to his address.
31-05-2010, 12:42

Our offers of colo/housing are changing ...

Now you have 1Gbps of bandwidth with 1/4, 1/2 and 1/1 rack.

All existing customers will automatically benefit from this development. If you have more than 1/4, 1/2 or 1/1, the total bandwidth is the sum of bandwidths. So if you have 2 racks you have 2Gbps of bandwidth included in your windows but on a 1Gbps connection. To enjoy more 1Gbps of bandwidth guarantee should purchase on 10Gbps connection (which costs 149Euro HT / month - approx 149 /month) There is no shipping channel of Xx1Gbps.