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Mom 4.0a37 Soapi 1.10.0 EcoFax 1.0a8
03-06-2010, 12:46
A new version of MoM is now available. With several
of the new features and bugfixes for SMS
and RPS.

The official SOAP version is now 1.10.0

Here is the new release of EcoFax which will lead to a very good year by
removing some troublesome bugs and adding one or two new features.

The next release will include an address book and the
Completion of input functions that go with it.

- Windows MoM:
- Mac OSX MoM:
- MoM Linux:
- Windows EcoFax:
- EcoFax Mac
- Linux RedHat EcoFax:
- Linux RedHat EcoFax:

Cloud is currently being integrated for use with SOAP and MoM.


MoM 4.0a37 Changelog:

- Added advanced options and a character count for
SMS Wizard
- Added user management to SOAP for sending SMS
- Added the removal of approved senders for sending SMS
while also taking into account the description
- Fix the wrong quota for FTP which was displayed on shared hosting
- Fix the assistants for dedicated server installation / migration RPS
to make it lockable with no blocking on the
current window during the installation process / migration

MoM 4.0a36 Changelog:

- Categories roots Fields, accommodation and emails refactored. This
now appears in all product categories where adjustments
are possible.
- Periodic Tasks for Private SQL Integrated
- Changing the primary domain of an integrated shared hosting
- Added a command in the menu? To allow the audit
the existing updates
- Improved auto-updater: the latter may itself be used
daily if necessary and it can display the details of the benefits of the derived
- Last day of publication in the universal directory for
telephony, to adapt changes for SOAP
- Fix bugs for IPs constituting a block that is not listed in RIPE
the choice of IP in the setup wizard and secondary DNS
- Preliminary Integration of the Finnish Language

Changelog SOAP

EcoFax 1.0a8 changelog:

- Manage aliases which are given the opportunity to choose what FAX number
is presented to recipients
- Select the default quality for sending a FAX
- Action to force a refresh of the listings
- Fixed the problem of blank page when printing is initiated
from a Windows Domain user account when there is a
local account on the machine with the same name
- Fixed a freeze of EcoFax, now using 100% CPU when
local cache is corrupted (email removed locally but not on
IMAP server). The local cache is repaired
by re-downloading missing emails
- Fixed the problem of messages not downloaded without rebooting
prior to EcoFax when initial parameter setting account when OVH or Fax
a change of account on the fly

EcoFax 1.0a7 changelog:

- Deleting messages
- Built in automatic update
- Bug FAX sent to the last 'non-removed' from the tab "being" corrected
- The problem of compatibility with CUPS 1.4.x corrected (notably impacted
Ubuntu 9.10 and the recent 10.04)
- Problem of settings (including login / password) if its not memorised
EcoFax is still launched from the closing session on Windows and Linux