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RIPE IP FailOver

04-06-2010, 13:13
Thank you again !! Feels stupid now

04-06-2010, 11:44
What you've just done is to assign the block to the server. That is, to configure our routers so those IPs are routed to your server.

That's done and it's alrigth. Now, you have to configure those IPs in your server. That is, if you want to use those IPs for hosting, you can configure them through Plesk or manually (
If you want to use the IPs for Virtualization on Bridge mode , follow this guide:

04-06-2010, 11:07
I wanted a new some additional ips. So went to
Dedicated servers > Services > RIPE IP FailOver
Ordered the IPs , paid with the card.
Then Added a block of IP FailOver RIPE and created a block.

Now the status is Block :
178.33.xx.xx / xx
Network : morgans Country : GB
Routed to : My server IP Status:Allocated

178.33.xx.xx still does not ping.

What am I doing wrong. I am new to OVH control panel. Or does it take some time before it starts working?