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Alpha: new site for mobiles

05-06-2010, 18:22
Looks good on HTC hero (android 2.1 (custom rom) )

When following links i also got sent to a video.

The url (if i remember right.)

05-06-2010, 17:46
It works on a Nokia until you try to navigate elsewhere on the site, like that first link:

Opera gives it as a download as well, but with an m4v extension. Mpeg movie? With a "plain/text" mime?

05-06-2010, 17:20
Machine translation:


If you consult our site with a portable number (iphone, ipod, nokia, blackberry and android) you are automatically redirected on a site for the mobiles.

It is about a Alpha version of the site… there is a little work required to make the complete site of it. But the base is there…

Kind Regards
04-06-2010, 19:08
If you visit our website
with mobile phone (iPhone, iPod, Nokia, Blackberry
and Android) you are automatically redirected to
a site for mobiles.

This is an Alpha version of the site ... there is a
little work required to make the entire site complete.
But the basis is there ...