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Anyone else re-installed Debian 64bit recently?

16-06-2010, 13:12
It's a Level 2 incident (Unusual functioning of the service except level 3). So you can use the server meanwhile, and you'll be told in advance when the server will be repaired by the engineers.

Normally, Level 2 interventions are done within 12 hours, but if the intervention requires a reparation, then there is no max. SLA for this. Normally, it should be done within 24 hours

16-06-2010, 11:27
Thanks, I did call back to confirm you had read my ticket, but I got France instead. Didn't think to check before I started building the filesystem otherwise I would have reported it earlier. Whats the timescale for a fault like this, a few hours or several+?

16-06-2010, 11:08
a ticket is open for this issue and the amount of RAM will be checked. You should get an answer about it very soon.

16-06-2010, 10:35
Ah I didn't notice that, to be honest pales in significance to the new problem I've found, 12gb server, only has 8gb installed, DOH! I hope whoever checks the server builds before they get racked get a rap on the knuckles for that one.

16-06-2010, 00:31
Yep, I've installed it and mines in English, there is a drop down box that you need to select the language from, I think it defaults to French

15-06-2010, 21:16
I just installed debian 64bit on a server only to find it installed it in French, is this the start of a dastardly OVH plan to force all users to convert to the French language? :P