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Dedicated servers

18-06-2010, 17:26
Yeah i might add to this post.
you can take a server from me contact me via msn let me know what you are planning to do with the server , and what kind of website are you planing to host,
maybe a VPS will be ok for you?

yonatan "at"

No torrents / warez please.

17-06-2010, 19:29
All the servers are located in France, and OVH does not accept Paypal. You must be present in one of the countries OVH services. See

If you're not from any of these countries, you will either have to wait until OVH expands to that area (such as recently the USA and Canada via and Brasil via, or use a reseller (and a reseller will undoubtedly add to this post )

17-06-2010, 18:12
Hello OVH im looking for dedicated servers in france,germany & UK
can i contact with some one?
what paymnet getways do you accept? for me better to use paypal