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Virtual macs with OpenSolaris guest OS

02-07-2010, 21:15
Thanks for posting the solution. I wasn't aware of this either. Should be in the how-to

01-07-2010, 13:37
I contacted the support and seems like someone in France wrote the instructions for configuring the network: (no translation available currently).

I didn't manage to get the zone working so i just entered the last three commands and everything seems to work just fine:

ifconfig e1000g0 IP.FAIL.OVER netmask broadcast + up
route add HOST.SERVER.IP.0/24 IP.FAIL.OVER -interface -ifp e1000g0
route add default HOST.GATEWAY.IP

23-06-2010, 15:54
no one has tried it?

22-06-2010, 19:30
Quote Originally Posted by Myatu
Does it work by adding "-iface" at the end? Ie., "route add -iface"?
it doesn't

22-06-2010, 19:21
Does it work by adding "-iface" at the end? Ie., "route add -iface"?

22-06-2010, 19:08
Thanks for the links. Host's IP is and the failover is


route add default

gives me:

add net default: gateway Network is unreachable

The connection works fine if I set as the gateway, but that's not a proper solution.

22-06-2010, 17:45
Type "man route" for instructions (here's one online - read the "Destinations and Gateways" section)

Also, here's a good read: OpenSolaris for Immigrants [PDF]

22-06-2010, 17:15
i guess you do it in console as per othe *nix distributions?

22-06-2010, 12:54
Has anyone configured virtual macs for NexentaStor/OpenSolaris guest? I have configured the failover ip, netmask and gateway (host IP ending with .254) but I haven't figured out where to add routes that are mentioned in the OVH guide:

route add Dedicated Server IP but end in .254 dev eth0
route add default gw Dedicated Server IP but end in .254