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FTP Backup File Types

27-06-2010, 20:17
Cobian Backup is a decent solution: It does encryption, (7)Zip, FTP, volume shadow copy, run as service, scheduled backups, events, and has Win7 & 2K8 support...

27-06-2010, 16:52
if u can suggest a good windows based solution it woud be greatly appreciated

27-06-2010, 00:00
Why'd you need to pay for a 3rd party backup solution? Plenty of free and OSS stuff around. Are you using Windows? Linux? I'm sure we'll be able to come up with a few suggestions...

26-06-2010, 20:52
well thats bollox!!!

2 of my hosted sites have DJ submission systems where mp3's are uploaded a fair ol' bit (& the occasional visual)

so this is why my backups take days and i'm sure as hell not paying out for a 3rd party backup solution to get round this

wonder why i'm cutting back on what services I use OVH for...

26-06-2010, 04:32
Quote Originally Posted by Myatu
You haxor, you!
I am sure you could just modify ftpfs or similar to automatically rename files by just appending something like .zip

26-06-2010, 04:30
Quote Originally Posted by freshwire
File extension only? Just rename it
You haxor, you!

26-06-2010, 04:28
Quote Originally Posted by rickyday
Yes would be a bugger RaR/Zipping your 15GB 1080p MKVs lol
File extension only? Just rename it

25-06-2010, 19:51
Quote Originally Posted by Myatu
Probably not so much about legality, but people using FTP as a 2nd (or 3rd) HD. Requiring stuff to be (g)zipped/tarred eliminates the majority of that.
Yes would be a bugger RaR/Zipping your 15GB 1080p MKVs lol

25-06-2010, 19:15
Probably not so much about legality, but people using FTP as a 2nd (or 3rd) HD. Requiring stuff to be (g)zipped/tarred eliminates the majority of that.

25-06-2010, 19:04
You cant just assume that anything with the above file extension is illegal tho, now can you?

Next OVH will be blocking all Bitorrent traffic just because it could potentially be illegal.

Must do better OVH.

PS Check .mkvs as well

24-06-2010, 22:03
Thx yes i guess it does, i too was at a total loss, until i contacted OVH support. but there is nothing THEY could do i was told, it's an automatic system.

so no reason to bug the nice people at OVH with this problem.

thx for the comments, and thx for checking the documentation.
a complete list of banned file types from OVH is very much appriciated thank-you very much

Have a great weekend all

24-06-2010, 17:19
That's quite a good bit of information, and should be stickied. That probably answers half of the "why's FTP backup so slow?" questions.

24-06-2010, 15:42
Warning inserted:

24-06-2010, 14:48
Yes, I only found that out a few months ago when a customer complained to me about it - wasn't any documentation then, and there isn't any now.

22-06-2010, 16:55
I'm checking if that's the case or whether there is an issue I'll update you back.

22-06-2010, 16:18
Hi everyone.

i have a website with videos, and did the fatal mistake and backup up my site to the ftpback 100gb server... and i then reinstalled my server, and wanted to download my sites back to the server.. but no... 1kb/s... i contacted support, and they told me it was an automatic block because of media files!.. this i have found NO documentation about this anywhere!!

so i had to rename all the files, and wait and wait till the scan once again came by my backup and cleared it.. and i was then able to get my files back..

but i think it is VERY strange that there is no documentation about this anywhere. so my question is... what IS? and what is NOT? allowed..

i thought that maybe others have experienced this with some file types..
if you could post what your experiences below.

(Any files that contain a media extension should NOT be uploaded unless packed inside a .rar or .zip..)
i think this maybe is so that it cannot be used as extra storrage for streaming media for websites etc.. to maintain the hight transfer speeds for everyone to their backup ftp. (this is just a guess).

Files i found was NOT alowed!

some examples:

Files i have now that seem to work fine:
(used in vmware server)


Files that is allowed:


please comment below about what you know

Okay, great with some clarification
These are NOT allowed:

Note: The following media files are blocked, and must be renamed or archived.
.avi, .flv, .mp4, .mp3, .wav, .mpg