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2008 r2 web Strip down?

25-06-2010, 18:52
silent mode is a mode for microsoft installer (.msi)

so it will not questioning you, and it shows no gui.

25-06-2010, 14:17
sorry i have never heard of silent mode, can you explain?

also whats vkvm for?

25-06-2010, 14:04
Well the best way to make it morking on windows is to installing it (in silence mode offcourse), rather then put it in the sys32 directory

its not linux you know...

25-06-2010, 10:05
oh the virtualbox is mine,

rest is theres...

pack it in your install file?

iv got all the drivers from sys32\drivers

just a bunch of .sys files

25-06-2010, 09:49
dang, what does OVH install on those servers


anyway, you must get the right drivers, then download it

and pack it in your install file.

after that, you must install it one way or another...

25-06-2010, 09:40
this is everything on that install,

i used autoruns

i hope someone can understand that more then i do haha.

25-06-2010, 00:48
first of all you need to know offcourse how to get to the iSCSI disk, maybe you could search for the windows configuration in the registry

24-06-2010, 22:48
right o, well i can nlite the iso no problems i just need some help installing is there a guide or anything for doing this,

Cheers for the help btw

24-06-2010, 22:45
I believe so yes

in theory, in real life it could be different

24-06-2010, 22:44
sorry i got confused b4 haha, so if i nlite a 2008 r2 i could in theory install it?

24-06-2010, 22:40
RPS uses iSCSI, I don't know if 2003 can run on that (remote storage, no local drives)

I believe it can't

24-06-2010, 22:13
there is a few differences im no expert tho so i wont go in to it but ya 2003 is a lot smaller then 2008 and 2003 would be awsome for my server i realy hope i can get 2008 smaller or get 2003 on there some how.

24-06-2010, 21:57
its 2008, not 2003 (which is smaller in size)

24-06-2010, 21:45
ah ok i had everwicked look at installing last night but he ran in to problems with drivers and such, i hope he gets a few hours spear so he can help out maby rip whats there now on my server and hopfully come up with adding it o plain old windows and i gess that would bring more people to ovh i mean 10 for a server that has windows on i know loads of people who would wont that with there own key of course

24-06-2010, 21:35
the only way is through windows PE in recovery mode, and I not quite figured out all the bits for it as of yet as it also needs an auto install file creating which I never got round to trying to make.

24-06-2010, 21:22
crap realy?

i payed for the hole year...

ya tryed turning off stuff it wont let me strangely enuff is there away to install my own iso with there patches and stuff

24-06-2010, 21:12
Also on side note, if you change the key as shown above then you should be able to keep windows using your own key and not have to pay the OVH license cost onto the server cost.

24-06-2010, 21:09
I assume you have stripped out the stuff from in

Control Panel - Programs and Features - Turn Windows Features Off or On?

This should free up some space then

24-06-2010, 21:06
oh i see what you mean,
but the key isnt the issue i just wont to free up space and resources and the option for installing 2008r2 only becomes available when you get a key from ovh

24-06-2010, 21:02
not in the manager, but in windows itself you should be able to change the product key and insert your own as shown below;-

Control Panel - System - near bottom, "Change Product Key"

hope this helps


This is off computer I using at moment at home but the system screen is same on server as windows 7

24-06-2010, 20:51
i have all keys (student) sadly there is no option to add my keys in RPS i only wont the server for projects ect 2008r2 is useing half my ram or more just running, 2003 server would be better but there is no option for that

24-06-2010, 20:49
tux, what version key do you have? standard, web etc?

If you have the web key, just change it in system propeties, then you shouldnt have a problem.

24-06-2010, 20:37
vlite would be gr8 to do on this but i dont think thats even possible

24-06-2010, 20:35
5.9Gb "quick google"

but even that has a lot of stuff on there that can be riped out

24-06-2010, 20:32
Do you actually know how big windows 7 is, plain vanilla?

2008 R2 is based on win7

24-06-2010, 20:26

Well i give up installing my own OS on my RPS so i went and installed 2008 r2 web for 2.99 (i had my own key for 2003 and 2008 but ovh! wouldnt let me install them ) lol, its slow but it will do but it could be loads better i dont need half of what web has and i would like to strip it down from the OS if i can any help would be great on this i hope i can get a tutorial going

the current install is 7.6GB i hope to get this down by half
Server 03 standard is 1.7GB full

***maby rip wat is needed for it to work then install a vanilla os that i own?

please if any one had ideas even if they sound silly please let me know.

thanks guys