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Wrong CPU Frequency KVM Guest

06-07-2010, 22:20
i wish i had a 61ghz cpu

i think the error lies in the way windows recognize the cpu

06-07-2010, 19:14
Hey now this is a new one for me.

Recently i had an issue with a server which had a overheating CPU.
Ovh fixed the cooling system, and now its alright.

but one of my windows kvm guests started to preform really bad after that fix ( not sure if its related . ).

i have formated the container and installed a fresh copy of windows on it, now just take a look at this picture:

ostype: w2k3
vlan1: rtl8139=MA:CA:DD:RE:SS
memory: 512
sockets: 1
name: windows.system3
ide2: local:iso/cd1.iso,media=cdrom
scsi0: usbdisk:103/vm-103-disk-1.qcow2
onboot: 0
description: 188.165.*.*
cores: 1
boot: cd
freeze: 0
cpuunits: 300
acpi: 1
kvm: 1
bootdisk: scsi0

Any Ideas what to do?
How can i change the CPU frequency / set another CPU type?

the server is MG with dual Quad 2Ghz Xeon