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Telephony offers without deposit
07-07-2010, 10:32

1 month ago, we implemented telephony offers, called "solutions":

- a little more (€5 instead of €1)
- but without the deposit (€60 - €80)

We wanted to test another model for marketing the OVH telephony and address clients who are struggling to pay the deposit.

The result: this approach is a flop. We have therefore stopped yesterday and removed the pages.

Several reasons:

- Customers seeking offers with the lowest possible price. €0.99 / month is a very good price.
- Given the savings achieved in very short-term in the order of 75% on your telephony, the deposit does not pose a problem for dealers / installers who set up our phones are a benefit from the establishment of the internal network, which costs considerably more than deposits.
- These "solutions" brought confusion on our site. it is very difficult to propose two approaches on the same site with the same products.

This is a test that we wanted to make for "knowledge".

Now we know

In 2-3 weeks we will test the conclusions of "We offer you 'all' (Housing + 1 linksys line calls during one month free)".

Then we will start the next test. Altogether we have four tests to be performed to introduce the offers for dealers and installers.

All the best,