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Proxmox Disk Setup

13-07-2010, 20:15
Thanks so much

Got a setup working which I want!

fdisk is pretty nice, im so used to 'sysinstall' on freebsd .. looks like Linux might be a new toy to play with :P Just its so weird with hardware addressing compared to UNIX.

Anyways, thanks again for this info

13-07-2010, 18:05
step 1.
format the partitions

( fdisk / mke2fs -j )

step 2
edit mount points in fstab

step 3


step 4

edit your storage.cfg
:/etc/pve# cat storage.cfg
dir: local
        path /var/lib/vz
        content images,iso,vztmpl,rootdir

dir: backups
        path /var/lib/vz/gibuy
        content backup

dir: usbdisk
        path /mnt/usb/containers
        content backup
then restart pvedaemon

step 5
don't forget to set netmask to lol...

13-07-2010, 18:00
Anyone with experience in Debian / proxmox able to point me in the right direction for setting up the following.

Firstly, I have managed to install proxmox from rescue mode and im not using the OVH install of it.. basically a clean proxmox install onto the first 80gb disk in my server.

I the following physical disks:


I am trying to achieve the following, but am unsure how to proceed..

1 - Install Proxmox on the first 80gb disk - managed this so far
2 - have the 80gb and one 750gb available to allocate to my VM's (KVM)
3 - Use the second 750gb disk for snapshot backups

I am unsure if i need to setup this in Debian, or if i need to edit the proxmox configuration - im coming from FreeBSD so very confused about the Linux setup.

Any hints or tips would be very welcome