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about microsoft technology testing and .JP tld

15-07-2010, 20:47
is there a way to participate with the tests?

must I sent an e-mail to my local support for this?

15-07-2010, 18:55
Quote Originally Posted by zydron
Is there some news about this subject?

It was announced, but after that, nothing.
There are some beta testers who have small asp.net accounts and mssql access, but we have not forward with this project yet.

15-07-2010, 18:41
Is there some news about this subject?

It was announced, but after that, nothing.

14-07-2010, 12:13
we don't have many news on that at the moment. We'll try to find more info about it and let you know.

14-07-2010, 00:20
I have a few questions abount shared hosting and microsoft technology

A few months ago Octave posted about beta testing asp at the shared hosting environmend, how is it with those tests?
Because I have a shared hosting plan at OVH for some PHP sites, but I need a dedicated server for my ASP.NET sites, it would be nice if it comes available.

Is there any status about the following things:
-ASP (classic)
-ASP.NET (.net framework)
-SQL Server

I have signed up for the mailing list but it is a bit... uhm... dead...

further I have a question about .JP
because I run sites about japanese content (anime), it would be fun to run it on a .jp tld.

Since I can see that OVH have open positions for a branch in Japan, is there any news for the japanese tld, .JP?

A european citizen or company can register it without local address.
edit: not officialy, but I know someone who lives in germany and has registered a .jp on his german address.