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domain and nameserver setup direct admin

16-07-2010, 15:00
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Whats wrong with the support here?
Forum is not an offical support method.

As stated above, its just customers helping customers

16-07-2010, 14:59
We use DirectAdmin, but we purchased licenses from JBMC Software themselves, so OVH could have a different setup as to the default.

If you are just using 1 domain, enter OVH's nameservers (Admin > Settings)... We use an independant branded nameserver/dns for our customer's domains (easier for us).

16-07-2010, 14:56
No support here. Alot of really smart people helping each other out. You'll get a reply soon. In the mean time maybe this will help:

16-07-2010, 14:05
Whats wrong with the support here?

16-07-2010, 12:17

Wonder if anyone can help me here ragarding my issue, I purchase a kmsi dedicated server with direct admin control panel but im having issues with the default name servers.

Iv purchased a domain name from here and im trying to add my domain to the direct admin default settings, i want direct admin to use only my domain name and not

when i look at direct admins name servers it disaplys the default ip and so of course when i add a new client to my direct admin they have to use the default nameservers

how do i add my domain name as the only domain name and all clients have to use my domain name nameservers etc. at the moment you cant create subdomains and emails dont work bec\ause of the server default nameservers.

hope this make sense if not il try and explain further