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Ripe IP Blocks

16-07-2010, 14:24
I'm sure this option is for all servers, I first posted in the Kimsufi forum, thought I'd post here too.

(basically a c&p job)........but

Quote Originally Posted by LawsHosting
Can anyone tell me why I can't order "Reserve a block of RIPE IP Failover", seeing as I've a 1Gb/s server for the year with the pro usage?
Quote Originally Posted by fozle
It's down to availability, try ordering again later in the week.
Quote Originally Posted by LawsHosting
Either I can't get these or people are beating me to it There should be somesort of waiting list, so if there's none available, let us put our name down and alert us of when we're near the top!
Ordering random block of IP's could bite us in the bum, as in if a person has, example and I get one like and Spamhaus blocks that 1.6 block (which has been known recently with the block), then I'd be blocked too.....
So, has anyone managed to get these Ripe IP blocks? Whenever I check via the manager, they say "no Ripe blocks available".......

Note: they took note of my suggestion (bold part), but have yet to hear more.