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how to add new IP addresses Windows 2008

30-07-2010, 13:25
Hi Marks,

Guess you are actually from the OVH support dep, so also thank you for your quick and clarifying reply! In fact faster than I'd hoped for... my bad, sorry!


19-07-2010, 16:02
yes, Andy is right: as it's name states, the original use of the IP Failover is to be able to rock an IP from one server to another, so if the first servers is down for whatever reason, you could configure within a very short time, the IP to another server.

Therefore, having a fail over solution.

There are other uses though: IPs for individual websites, geolocalization, SSL hosting, VPS in bridge mode, ...

19-07-2010, 12:52
Hi Andy,

Thank you for your quick and clear reply! Indeed, faster than the support dep
Gonna try your solution.



19-07-2010, 12:35
Failovers are transferrable between servers. Since you only have one, ignore it.

To add another IP to 2003 or 2008,
Go to the network adaptor, right click and properties.
Now find TCP/IP v4 and double click.
Click Advanced.
In this box you can add your IP's. Click 'Add' on the IP addresses box, and enter your failover IP. Enter a sub-net of
Click OK and apply/OK all windows. Now ping the IP and see if you get a response. You may need to reboot.
If you intend to use it for a VM in bridged mode, you don't need to add it to the operating system.

19-07-2010, 10:33
Hi all,

Also asked this question to the support dep of OVH, but maybe this route is a bit faster.

I want to have multiple IP-addresses on my dedicated windows 2008 R2 server, to be able to install an SSL certificate for a specific domain hosted on that server.

I have been searching the forums and guides of OVH, regarding the IpAlias and IpFailover articles:

and found this thread (Windows 2003) : on how to add an Ip address to Windows 2003.

What I'm really curious about is the fact that the text in the IpFailOver article states that I have to have 2 servers...

Here is the tools list that you must prepare to correctly use this 
    * 2 servers,
    * an Ip fail-over,
    * a domain and the possibility to manage the DNS of this one,
    * a reverse for the Ip failover, if you do not want to use the 
      one by default available in the manager.
Can't I 'just' order a block of IP's (RIPE) and add those to my network card the same way as described in the IpAlias article?

Again: all I want to do is have the specific domain to be hosted on a private IP address. I guess I also have to define the multiple IP's in Plesk?

Any help is apreciated!



PS: no VM's are running on the machine, multiple domains are hosted by Plesk.